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Investigate and Close out All Cyber Alerts with the Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution.

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Redefining Incident Response: How to Close the Gap Between Cyber - Attack Identification and Remediation


Investigate and Resolve Cyber Incidents in Seconds

When a breach occurs, and it will, how long does it take for you to investigate and recover?
If you answer in terms of hours or days, it’s time for a change. It’s time for the Hexadite
Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS™), which investigates all cyber-alerts and quickly resolves
all breaches to shut down cyber-attacks in a matter of minutes, even seconds.


Strengthens Your Security

Ensuring that each and every cyber-alert is investigated to uncover hidden threats and protect against cyber-breaches that may otherwise go unhandled, providing a true continuous cyber incident response solution.


Increases Your Productivity

Maximizing the effectiveness of your team with an automated cyber incident response solution – never again will you waste time investigating false alarms or spend days trying to mitigate the extent of a breach.


Reduces Your Costs

Simplifying operations and minimizing the damages and recovery times from cyber-attacks through rapid incident resolution.

See How Hexadite is Revolutionizing Cyber Incident Response

Hexadite’s timing could not be better, with its product that promises to automate much of the work that ties up security departments’ time and resources…

Automated Incident Response is the Best Weapon Against the Casual Attacker
By Barak Klinghofer, CPO of Hexadite
Recently, Anton Chuvakin, Gartner Research VP, called on companies to get good at fighting basic, commodity attacks. In his blog Defeat the Casual Attacker First!!, he finds it “highly illogical and, in fact, wasteful, to attempt stopping or detecting an advanced attacker before…
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Founded by military intelligence and private sector security experts, Hexadite set out to close the existing gap for enterprises between alert notification and attack resolution.
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