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Hexadite AIRS and Exabeam: Bringing Immediate Value to Your SOC and IR Teams

Download the Solution Brief

Download the Solution Brief

SOC and IR teams are chronically overworked and understaffed. As a result, alerts can go unhandled and attackers can go unnoticed in your environment for days, weeks, even months. To stop these attackers from hiding in your network and snooping, stealing or disrupting your business, you need to be able to spot and shut them down, immediately. With Hexadite AIRS and Exabeam you can.

key benefits
  • Uncover and contain insider threats
  • Close out incidents in seconds
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of IR and SOC teams
  • Simplify operations and reduce costs

How it works

The joint solution accelerates the identification and remediation of threats to the enterprise. As soon as Exabeam behavioral analytics identifies anything suspicious, it can send an alert to Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS) to investigate. AIRS will automatically look to exonerate or incriminate the network device/endpoint in question, checking out the processes, services, drivers, persistency methods, connections, lateral movements and much more. As soon as AIRS identifies an attack, it will automatically remediate it (or in semi-automatic mode, it will notify the administrator of the threat and recommended action and wait for approval). As a result, the entire process is automated, from alert to remediation, in seconds.

Simple setup

There are no agents to install, simply define Exabeam as an External System on the Hexadite AIRS platform and the solutions will do the rest. Once Hexadite AIRS receives an alert from your Exabeam deployment, it will:

  1. Launch an investigation to determine exactly what is going on, proactively collecting and analyzing information from all relevant devices and systems for every alert to ensure nothing goes unhandled.
  2. Contain the attack and close out the incident, in seconds/minutes, to stop an attacker in their tracks, even those that have targeted hundreds/thousands of systems.
  3. Streamline incident response (IR) processes by automating the implementation of IR best practices that ensure you can achieve an optimal outcome and focus resources on your strategic objectives.

 The Visibility and Confidence to Shut Down Insider Threats

Hexadite AIRS and Exabeam deliver:

  • Insider Threat Prevention – accelerating the identification and remediation of insider threats to minimize their impact.
  • The Ability to Investigate Every Alert – taking alerts and enriching the data with information proactively collected from network, endpoints and 3rd party log repositories around the incident to definitively incriminate or exonerate implicated systems/devices/etc.
  • Complete Automation of the Entire Incident Response Lifecycle– automating the investigation, response and remediation of an insider breach.
  • Ease of Implementation – ensuring the solution can be quickly up and running to improve your security stance and deliver immediate value.

“We are dedicated to alleviating the pressures that overworked IR and SOC teams feel when dealing with modern attacks they are facing. Alliance Programs, such as Hexadite’s, help extend the effectiveness of the protection we offer and maximize the value customers get out of their security investments.”

Ted Plumis,
Vice President, Channels and Corporate Development

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