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Hexadite - Security Orchestration and Automation - Automated Incident Response
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The History of Hexadite

The Cyber Incident Response Landscape that Spawned a New Approach

A Little History

Today’s incident response teams are locked in an unfair fight. Resources are short, time is tight and prioritization—the only way to manage the ever-increasing volume of alerts—is a security risk. Automated cyber-attacks are driving this disparity. And yet, most cyber-analysts are still using manual tools and codified playbooks to mitigate threats.

Fighting automation with automation is the only way to level the playing field. Hexadite uses artificial intelligence to investigate and remediate every alert, resolving incidents in seconds and freeing up your analysts to focus on the threats that truly demand their expertise.

Time is Money

That’s the saying and it definitely holds true when talking about incident response. Attacks are inevitable, but taking hours, days and even weeks to investigate and close out a breach is time that comes with a significant cost for businesses and governments around the world. It’s time that gives attackers an opportunity to disrupt operations and steal sensitive information – which according to the Ponemon Institute costs an average of $3.5 million per breach (or $145 per breached record).

A New Approach

After working with many different incident response solutions, in the course of investigating and mitigating attacks for military intelligence units and global defense companies, the co-founders of Hexadite felt there had to be a better way. They realized tweaking existing incident response tools and processes, which are fragmented and extremely resource intensive, would never be able to close the gap (from alert to mitigation) – a new approach was needed.

It’s Time for Hexadite

The time is right for Hexadite – a company founded to address the deficiencies within the IR tools and processes that significantly hamper an organization’s ability to effectively investigate and respond to breaches. Hexadite built a solution from the ground up that could truly address the incident response needs of an organization – one that could rapidly investigate each and every alert and respond, without needing human intervention, to mitigate breaches in seconds.

Behind the Name

The founders wanted a name that was original – something that matched the innovative approach and unique technologies they were developing to address the challenges within cyber incident resolution. “HEXA” can mean six, in this case it relates to the “sixth sense” of the Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS™), which automatically knows what to do about each and every cyber-alert received. DITE stands for dynamic investigation and threat elimination, which enables organizations to close out incidents in a matter of minutes, even seconds, and mitigate the full extent of a breach.