Intelligent Security Orchestration and Automation

From alert to remediation in minutes at scale.

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"It would take a single cyber analyst three years to do what Hexadite did in a month for Douglas County.”

Hexadite AIRS is the first agentless intelligent security orchestration and automation platform for Global 2000 companies. By easily integrating with customers’ existing security technologies and harnessing artificial intelligence that automatically investigates every cyber alert and drives remediation actions, Hexadite enables security teams to amplify their ability to mitigate cyber threats in real-time.

Increased Capacity - Respond at the speed of automation without hiring, investigate all alerts automatically, and go from alert to remediation in minutes at scale
Lower Costs - Drive down the cost per investigation and remediation, take away manual, repetitive tasks, and retain tier 1 and 2 analysts
Immediate Value - Get the most out of your existing security investment, be up and running in hours with instant results

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Download this 451 Research Report to read a leading analyst firm’s take on Hexadite’s approach to security orchestration and automation.

Security automation for real-time detection and response - a joint solution brief with HPE ArcSight and Hexadite AIRS.

Security Session video with CSO Online on how companies can reduce alert fatigue

How Hexadite customer IDT automates incident response and improves SOC effectiveness.

How Douglas County Colorado was able to scale its SOC activities with Hexadite AIRS.

eBook on what cyber security teams can do to prevent alert fatigue

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