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By Lauren Mattos

RSA Conference 2017: 4 Simple Tips for Success

rsa 2017


RSA Conference 2017 is just one month away, and with 40,000 attendees, it’s easy to lose yourself in the energy and excitement of the conference. To get the most out of your time at RSA 2017, try these simple yet effective tips:

1. Book RSA 2017 meetings early

If you haven’t started booking meetings with vendors or potential partners, the time to start is now. While you don’t need to rigidly plan every part of your day, booking meetings ahead of time will help keep you on track with your company’s goals and ensure that you aren’t stuck aimlessly wandering the expo hall.

Since RSA 2017 will get pretty crazy, be sure to confirm your meeting time one week to a few days before, and maybe even provide your mobile number (and get theirs too, if willing) in case one of you gets caught up and needs to send a quick text.

2. Check out vendors before the conference

A conference is one of those rare times where people are actively looking to be pitched. Many people use this time to check out potential products to add to their security architecture, but don’t take the crowd into account. Cybersecurity is a hot market, so it’s not unusual for a booth to be swarmed with people getting demos. The last thing you want is to visit a vendor and have a short, unproductive conversation (or none at all).

Do your homework on vendors before RSA 2017 so you can come prepared with detailed questions and make the most out of your time spent at the booth. You can also reach out to vendors beforehand and reserve a time to do a demo or a short meeting—most will be happy to time aide to chat.

Shameless plug: we are hosting a webinar on incident response automation before RSA. Attend the webinar and then come prepared with your hardest-hitting questions. Register here.

3. Create an RSA Conference 2017 calendar for your team

Simply creating a shared calendar for your team at RSA will answer the question we’ve all been asking: “Where the hell is Steve?

Creating a shared calendar will not only let you know your co-worker’s schedules, but it also helps keep you all on track regarding your RSA goals.

4. Get on the list for different parties

Like any conference worth its salt, RSA is chock-full of awesome parties. These parties are a great opportunity to unwind and make new connections. Make sure to RSVP and get on the guest list, as many of these parties don’t allow registration at the door. Here is a list of some parties to check out:

Come see us!

If you’re heading to RSA 2017 and want to know more about how you can automate your incident response, come check us out at booth #4703. We’re filling up with demos, so reserve a spot here and we’ll reach out!