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Hexadite - Security Orchestration and Automation - Automated Incident Response
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Cyber analyst thinking at the speed of automation

Modeled after the investigative and decision-making skills of top cyber analysts and driven by artificial intelligence, Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS™) remediates threats and compresses weeks of work into minutes. With analysts free to focus on the most advanced threats, Hexadite optimizes overtaxed security resources for increased productivity, reduced costs and stronger overall security.



Prioritization doesn’t protect.

You’ve already invested in security detection tools, but are you following up on every alert? If the answer is no, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable with every alert you leave on the table.

By eliminating the need to tune down alert volume, Hexadite allows your existing security investments to operate at full capacity and deliver maximum value. Hexadite AIRS integrates with any detection system via email, syslog or APIs to expedite deployment and investigate every alert.

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Investigate everything. No exceptions.

Modeled after the logic and processes used by top cyber analysts and driven by artificial intelligence, Hexadite AIRS investigates every alert in seconds.

Cyber Analyst Logic at Scale

After receiving an alert, Hexadite AIRS automatically launches an investigation, examining the endpoint with the procedural logic and rigor of a top cyber analyst.

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No Persistent Agents Here

Many security products need to be installed on every endpoint to be effective. Not Hexadite. Instead, Hexadite AIRS injects a dissolvable probe on endpoints during an investigation that removes itself once the investigation is complete.

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Parallel Investigations

Investigating incidents shouldn’t be linear. With Hexadite, the result of one investigation can trigger multiple parallel investigations to resolve the full extent of a breach.

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Evaluate, then eradicate.

Using its threat intelligence cloud and proprietary inspection algorithms, Hexadite AIRS exonerates or incriminates a threat to determine the appropriate course of action.

Harnessing the Threat Intelligence Cloud

Aggregating data from the most advanced and up-to-date threat intelligence feeds, Hexadite’s threat intelligence cloud drives action for all known threats.

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Proprietary Algorithms

Hexadite AIRS uses proprietary algorithms to inspect content and act on every threat—even those that typically slip by popular detection systems.

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Choose how to close the loop.

With semi-automated or fully automated remediation capabilities, you can choose the level of human involvement.

Fully Automated Remediation

Let Hexadite AIRS quarantine files, kill processes, block bad IPs, and take dozens of other actions automatically without human intervention.

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User-Approved Remediation

Whether you want to approve every remediation action or automate in certain scenarios, Hexadite AIRS offers granular options to fit your process.

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Hexadite is Joining Microsoft

Hexadite is joining Microsoft to continue our mission to help companies go from alert to remediation in minutes at scale.