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Hexadite - Security Orchestration and Automation - Automated Incident Response
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Agentless Probe
Security Orchestration and Automation that is agentless and effortlessly scalable.
Get up and running quickly with nothing persistent on the endpoint.

While many security products need to be installed on every endpoint, Hexadite AIRS is agentless, effortlessly scalable and easy to manage.

No Persistent Agents

Rather than requiring an agent to be installed locally on every endpoint, Hexadite AIRS takes a different approach. During the course of an investigation, Hexadite AIRS injects a dissolvable probe to collect relevant threat data.

Once an investigation is complete, the probe is immediately uninstalled leaving no local presence on the endpoint.

Hexadite AIRS Dashboard

Implementation in Hours

Because Hexadite AIRS can be implemented in hours, there is no need to wait for a planned enterprise-wide software update window to install a new system. Instead, simply provide the system with access to the endpoints and detection systems and Hexadite AIRS begins acting on alerts and performing investigations and remediation actions immediately.

Hexadite AIRS integration sources

ROI in Days

Hexadite AIRS is able to automatically investigate every alert, performing hundreds of actions in seconds. Within days, customers are able to see a return on their investment – investigating alerts that were previously ignored or de-prioritized and performing remediation actions.

investigation actions