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Hexadite - Security Orchestration and Automation - Automated Incident Response
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Cyber Analyst Logic at Scale
Modeled after the investigative logic and processes used by top cyber analysts and driven by artificial intelligence Hexadite AIRS investigates every alert in seconds.
With unlimited resources, you would investigate everything.

SOC in a Box

The numbers are staggering. Every few days a new report is published showing the widening gap between the increase in cyber attacks and the shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. It’s no wonder that a recent report shows that fewer than 1% of alerts categorized as severe or critical are ever investigated.

This capacity mismatch leads many organizations to take drastic measures, including tuning their detection systems to see fewer alerts. We can do better.

Cyber Analyst Logic

Modeled after the processes followed by human cyber analysts, Hexadite AIRS follows the same steps a person would with the rigor, scale, and speed of automation.

Taking a cue from an alert from any source post-detection, Hexadite AIRS immediately hits the endpoint to gather information. Querying other network resources for additional context and applying artificial intelligence from its threat intelligence cloud and proprietary algorithms, Hexadite AIRS compresses weeks of work into minutes.

Automated Investigation at Scale

“In the past, security professionals have been fearful and skeptical of automation. This, however, is changing, because organizations are acknowledging that a human response cannot react fast enough, which is compounded by the fact that there are not enough security practitioners in end-user organizations to perform manual human responses to threats.”

Lawrence Pingree
Gartner Research Director

Given an unlimited team of cyber analysts, it would make sense to investigate every alert from each detection system in the environment. You’ve already invested the time and expense in systems that send alerts when they find potentially malicious activity, so following up to investigate every alert only makes sense – if you had the capacity.

By immediately investigating every alert, companies using Hexadite AIRS are able to take advantage of the detection capabilities provided by their existing security solutions while ruling out the benign and remediating threats at scale.

Let People Focus on People Problems

“If you free up resources in your operations environment, then people can start to do and attack people problems – the kinds of things that automation can’t do. It causes you to value your employees more because you’re able to utilize them in ways that you have not been able to utilize them before. So not only does this decrease cost, it increases the value of your people.”

Golan Ben-Oni
CIO, IDT Corporation

If you had unlimited resources and could investigate every cyber alert from every detection system, you would follow up on every alert. The problem is that with up to 75% of all alerts being benign or false positive, you know that 75% of your analysts’ time would be wasted. Unfortunately, without investigating everything, there’s no way to know which 75% are a waste.

By offloading the task of automatically investigating every cyber alert, companies are able to refocus their cybersecurity resources to work on sophisticated threats, APTs, and other high value initiatives.